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Fiesta Virgen del Carmen Sitges Mid July

Feast of Our Lady, the Virgin of Carmen – Mid July (14th – 16th)

Festival del Carmen

  • One of the oldest celebrations in the Sitges calendar
  • Honor Fishermen the oldest of trades
  • Promote local seafood
  • Conference, the day of the Virgin of Carmen, by Ocean in 2012
    (a group of NGOs working internationally to protect seabed and promote fishing)
  • In late summer, Sitges host the Posidonia Festival often from August 31 to September
  • Festival of art, environment and sustainable development
    (to protect a marine plant that is essential to life and protect ecosystems of the Mediterranean coasts from erosion)

Lady of Carmen – July 16th

  • Patron saint, Virgin of Carmen, for sailors in Sitges
  • 16th July is feast day with a mass
  • Started in 18th century to commemorate 1251 legend
  • Virgin Mary gave a Carmelite Scapular (religious cloth) to St. Simon which saved an English ship adrift amid a fierce storm
  • As a celebration to ask protection from the dangers of the sea
  • Involving a procession starting on land and onto the sea, via boats with one displaying the image of the Virgin of Carmen on the front
  • From port Aiguadolçs along the Sitges bay to the west
  • Every year a different fishing boat has the honour of carrying the image of the Virgin Mary
  • At the height of the cemetery, Pomells throw flowers in memory of the sailors and devotees of the Virgin and to protect them from possible storms and shipwrecks